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Buying vintage furniture

Vintage Design Store is always interested in buying new vintage furniture. We only process purchases via email at or via whatsapp on +31 6 28974186 or +31 6 40159917.  Don’t have time to sell your furniture via Marktplaats? Then send us a message. We always ask you for a target price, because we want both parties to have a good feeling about a purchase. Unfortunately, we will not process a purchase without a target price. Our experience is that with that target price we can reach a deal more quickly and avoid endless bargaining. Based on this price we can estimate whether we will be successful or not. When determining this target price, consider the condition of the product, the time the restoration takes (on average we spend 1 day on a piece of furniture), the collection distance and the popularity of the product. Please also note that we have to pay VAT and taxes and incur costs for rent, staff, etc.

Due to the many purchase requests we receive, a response may take some time. We really do our utmost to send everyone an answer as quickly as possible. If you have not heard from us within 5 working days, you can assume that purchasing is not successful or is not interesting at the moment and continue looking for other channels.

We are interested in all furniture from the 50s, 60s and 70s that suits our style. Think of wall furniture, cupboards, armchairs, tables, chairs, but also accessories such as coat racks, newspaper trays and lighting. Are you unsure whether something is our style? Then take a look at our collection for an indication or app a photo, we can quickly assess it. Unfortunately, heavy oak furniture or antiques are not of interest to us. You can probably find providers via Google who find this interesting.

Contact us by sending a message via Whatsapp to 06-28974186 or 0640159917 or email us at Please provide a brief description of the affected product(s) in the message. Consider the condition of the furniture, any damage, number, etc. Always send photos so that we can assess the product remotely. Always let us know a target price and pick-up location, so that we can see whether purchasing is interesting for us.

After collecting the furniture, we will restore and refurbish everything with love. Your furniture (or that of your loved ones) will then be ready for a whole new life.

Unfortunately, we do not make valuations.


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